Juegos (Games)

Artist: Josep Puigmarti

Title: «Juegos»

Year: 1979

Media: mixed media on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 130 x 195 cm


This work belongs to the oeniric-erotic surrealist period that Puigmartí develops between the 60’s and 80’s of the 20th century.

The oeniric element is the female nude. In this work, the artist has decorated the pictorial surface with his own iconography. We find soap bubbles, colored ribbons that seem to emanate from a series of phallic elements, apparently randomly placed all over the canvas.

At the same time, we find certain decorative elements made automatically that give the work a very dynamic vision and that show that facet so used by Puigmartí which is spontaneous and non-premeditated painting.

On a technical level, the softness with which the artist has painted the skin of the character, and the glazes and transparencies that he has achieved is very remarkable.