Josep Puigmarti

(Monistrol del Calders, July 25th 1932 – Sitges, August 13th 2020)

Autodidactic Spanish painter and sculptor who developed his style far from the conventionalisms and artistic styles of each period.

The fact of not following any specific style allowed him to freely investigate different artistic trends such as expressionism, informalism, art brut, arte povera, dadaism, although the style where he felt most comfortable in painting was oneiric surrealism and automatic surrealism.

In 1995, he settled in the Hotel Estela Barcelona in Sitges, where he lived and continued painting until the day he died in 2020. Throughout his stay at the hotel, he carried out several interventions by painting and decorating several rooms: Sunrise (Room 214) and Blue Dreams (Room 110).

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During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s of the XXth century, he introduced his own erotic iconography into his surrealist paintings, which earned him the consideration of a transgressive artist who practiced a provocative style, by critics of the time.

As a result of his multiple trips around the world, he exhibited in Spain, Andorra, France, Monaco, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Colombia, the United States and at the China Millennium Monument Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing, China.

Since 2013, the Josep Puigmarti Foundation has been in charge of preserving and curating his artistic and cultural legacy.

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