Vora mar


Artist: Ramon Moscardo

Title: «Vora mar»

Media: mixed media on wood

Location: room 117


This is one of the two artist rooms painted by Ramon Moscardo. It was painted in 2021, so it is the most recent.

The title of the room is Vora mar, which can be translated as «by the sea» (or «seaside»). Moscardo’s works portray everyday scenes, both rural and urban.

As in many other paintings by the artist, on the wall at the foot of the bed, Moscardo shows us a typical coastal town seen from one of the elevated terraces. Thus, we find the roofs of the houses, the whitewashed facades, the hanging clothes and a woman watching from her terrace.

As in his other artist room, blue tones predominate in the work. This fact is very common in the artist’s paintings. Similarly, on the wall at the head of the bed, the artist shows us a night scene where we can see a promenade by the sea with the terraces of bars and restaurants.

Finally, in the daytime part between the mirror and the door of the room, we find a table with a fruit bowl, a vase of flowers and a cat on a chair watching a bird.

As in many other works by the artist, the whole scene breathes a very Mediterranean air.