The tables of the law

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «The tables of the law»

Year: 2000

Media: bronze

Edition: 4 copies

Size: 119 x 80 x 7 cm


Bronze version of the work that Subirachs created for the façade of the Law College building in the University of Barcelona. The mural The Tables of the Law created in 1959 was carried out in potter’s clay with the collaboration of the ceramic artist Antoni Cumella. Both the material and the combination of positive and negative forms enabled the artist to achieve the chromatic game he was seeking. The following year the sculptor revisited the same theme, this time sculpted in black marble, on one of the ambons in the presbytery of the Virgen del Camino sanctuary in León.

Four decades later, he recreated this version in cast bronze, enabling him to achieve the textures and volumes necessary to highlight the importance of the ten Roman figures appearing on the work. Subirachs has used, on other occasions, both the stone tables with the decalogue inscribed, as well as the figure of Moses himself (see, in the latter case, the work entitled Moses from 1955).

Moses, 1955 by Subirachs