Sitges 002

Artist: Ricardo Moraga

Title: «Sitges 002»

Year: 2008

Media: oil and acrylic on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 100 x 73 cm


This work belongs to the Puntas de Sitges series that Moraga develops between 2008 and 2012. The entire series is mainly dedicated to portraying the church of Sant Bartomeu. The church is located in front of the sea on the Paseo Marítimo (Promenade) of Sitges.

Each of the works that make up the series has been resolved in a different way by Moraga. In this work, we can see the church on a plane that seems cut out and superimposed. On both sides we can see the sand of the beach and at the bottom the breaking water. The detail of the sand and water give a clear idea of the artist’s technical capabilities.

The church and the sea form an indivisible whole and are the most emblematic tourist icons of the town.