Secretos de un cuadro III

(Secrets of a painting III)

Artist: Ricardo Moraga

Title: «Secretos de un cuadro III»

Year: 2006

Media: oil and acrylic on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 100 x 73 cm


This work belongs to the Secrets series that Moraga developed from 2006 to 2008. The works in this series are characterized by carrying implicit in a metaphorical way some enigma that must be revealed.

To do this, Moraga uses his particular iconography. In this case he uses the keys icon. Ancient keys that can open doors that have remained locked for a long time and that hide forgotten secrets.

In this work, a large keyhole hides a mysterious landscape of virgin and unexplored nature. The observer can see through the keyhole a part of what is hidden on the other side. To see it entirely, one has to find the key that opens that door. The hanging keys bring a dose of mystery and magic to the work.

In the work we observe the use of a soft hyperrealism, which is the common language of the artist. In the same way, we can see certain parts rusted by the passage of time. The use of rust is a constant in the works of Ricardo Moraga. The artist uses this rust to make the viewer aware of the passage of time that affects all things and beings in the universe.