Secretos de alcoba IX

(Bedroom secrets IX)

Artist: Ricardo Moraga

Title: «Secretos de alcoba IX»

Year: 2008

Media: oil and mixed media on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 130 x 60 cm


This work belongs to the Secrets series that Moraga developed from 2006 to 2008. The works in this series are characterized by having, in a metaphorical way, some enigma that must be revealed.

To do so, Moraga uses his particular iconography. In this case he uses the sheets icon. This is one of the most used icons by the artist. According to Moraga, the sheets hide traces of life. It is worth noting the precision and meticulousness with which they have been reproduced, which gives an idea of the artist’s technical capabilities and the rigour of the hyper-realist style.

Rust stains can be seen on the entire surface of the canvas. This feature is a constant in Moraga’s works. This rust contrasts with the colour of the sheets, highlighting their bluish tones.

Another important feature that is often repeated in Moraga’s works is the presence of the human figure, especially the woman as an icon of beauty.

A blue stripe created with sand covers the character’s face, adding an element of mystery to the ensemble. On the other hand, the roughness of the sandy material contrasts with the smooth texture of the rest of the work.