Saint George

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Saint George»

Year: 2007

Media: bronze

Edition: H.C.

Size: 123 x 35,5 x 33 cm


The theme of Saint George is recurrent in Subirachs work, but it must be noted that when dealing with it, he has always tried to distance himself from the folkloric character of the symbol, avoiding topical representations.

This figure of Saint George, melted in bronze, is an example of the same that presides over the door that the sculptor made in 1975 for the Palau del Lloctinent in Barcelona. This is a full-length, standing figure. The face and the torso are sculpted in negative, whereas the arms, legs and vertical pointed shield, on which the knight leans, are in positive.

Saint George in the Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Other very similar versions created by Subirachs of the patron saint of Catalonia are those located on a building of the Caixa d’Estalvis de Catalunya, sculpted in Calatorao stone; in the monastery of Montserrat, in travertine stone and, lastly, in the nave of the Sagrada Família Temple in Barcelona, cast in bronze. Subirachs has also represented the image of the saintly knight using other artistic techniques such as medal design and graphic work.