Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Pinnacle»

Año: 1994

Media: Calatorao stone

Edition: unique piece

Size: 52 x 37 x 35 cm


In many of Subirachs’ works, we find references to architectural elements. In the same way, the pyramidal shapes are repeated in various works by the artist from Barcelona.

In this sculpture, the vertex of the pyramid, its apex, is separated from the rest of the pyramid. The artist titles the work using the word to designate the architectural element, often pyramidal or conical, which is located in the highest part of many buildings, and especially of Gothic cathedrals: the pinnacle.

In this sculpture, we can also find the contrast between the polished stone with which the pyramid is made versus the roughness of the walls on which it rests and the unpolished base on which the structure stands. This type of contrast is very common in the works by Subirachs.