Pez lata

(Tin fish)

Artist: Ricardo Moraga

Title: «Pez lata»

Year: 2010

Tècnica: wood, iron and cans of drink

Edition: unique piece

Size:  242 cm (h)


In addition to his pictorial work, Ricardo Moraga has also explored the field of sculpture.

Moraga is an artist who is very sensitive to environmental issues. Art is a good way to make the general public aware of the need to take care of our environment. For this reason, most of his sculptures have been created using recycled materials.

In this case, Moraga has used wood and metal sheets for the main body of the sculpture, while the fish scales have been created from drink cans that we can find in any supermarket.

As usual in Moraga’s works, all the metal parts of the work are oxidized. Rust is an element that is repeated in almost all of the artist’s works. As a curiosity, the tail of the fish has mobility.

The work draws the attention of the public for its color and large size, and is one of the attractions of the hotel.