Artist: Josep Puigmarti

Title: «Autumn»

Year: 1976

Media: mixed media on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 100 x 100 cm


This painting belongs to the oeniric-erotic surrealist period, which Puigmarti develops between the 60’s and the 80’s. of the XXth century. During this stage, the artist displays his own iconography: dry tree leaves, chess pieces, snails, fine crystal goblets, apples, cherries, eyes, buttons, etc. At the same time, he uses other iconographic elements of an erotic nature that earned him the nickname of transgressive artist: woman’s breasts, buttocks, pubis, etc.

These are works where he mixes oeniric and automatic surrealism. The oeniric part is usually his main dream at this time, the naked body of the woman. The automatic part is found in certain secondary details of a decorative nature in the form of non-premeditated filigree.