Neptune traveling faster than light

Artist: Quim Hereu

Title: «Neptuno viajando más rápido que la luz»»

Media: mixed media on canvas

Location: room 109


This room was created by Quim Hereu, the greatest exponent and founder of the artistic style called Estrambotismo (the translation into English could be «bizarre»). This trend was born as an evolution of oneiric surrealism and is characterized by absolute creative freedom and by the use of abundant iconography.

In the work we see Neptune as a statue traveling on a horse-drawn carriage also made of stone. Neptune travels so fast that we can see him going and coming back at the same time.

It is important the fact that the vehicle is levitating above the ground. Similarly, the track along which the carriage moves is flanked by trunkless cypress trees that also float above the ground. This resource is widely used by Quim Hereu in his usual language.