Naturaleza viva VI

(Living nature VI)

Artist: Ricardo Moraga

Title: «Naturaleza viva VI»

Year: 2007

Media: oil and mixed media on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 100 x 100 cm


This work belongs to the Naturalezas vivas series that Ricardo Moraga developed in 2007 and 2008. All the works in the series are characterized by showing wrinkled sheets and pillows. Used sheets are one of the artist’s preferred icons.

According to Moraga, the sheets and pillows show traces of life, since the fact that they are wrinkled always means that they have been used by someone. The artist’s works often show human figures, but in this series the absence of the human figure is characteristic. This fact adds an element of mystery to the series.

It is worth noting the meticulousness with which the wrinkles on the sheets have been reproduced, which gives an idea of the artist’s technical abilities, as well as the rigour and precision required by the hyper-realist style.

In the upper part of the work we find rust stains. This rust is a constant in Moraga’s works. The stains contrast sharply with the bluish tones of the sheets. Also in the upper part we find matter adhered to the canvas in the form of sand. The roughness of this area contrasts with the smooth surface of the rest of the work.