Ricardo Moraga

((Santiago de Chile, October 7th 1955)

Chilean hyperrealist painter and sculptor who has been living in Barcelona for more than 20 years. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the Pontificia Catholic University of Chile. He has a long career as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile and as advertising and film illustrator in the US and France. Currently, he works exclusively dedicated to his artistic creation.

Ricardo Moraga has carried out numerous interventions in the Hotel del Arte, such as Silence in Blue (Room 113), a fresco painted in the Istar Hall and a multitude of small decorative interventions in a large number of rooms.

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For his pictorial work, Moraga resorts to a soft, non-photographic but very detailed hyperrealism that he mixes with rusty surfaces. We could say that the rigour and precision that hyperrealist painting requires is balanced by the almost abstract freedom when he treats those rusty surfaces.

Regarding his sculptural work, he uses recycled waste materials such as wood and old books, mixed with sheet metal and rusty metal objects.

This obsession with rust is closely linked to an intention of the artist to reflect the passage of time that affects all things and beings.

His work is dispersed across the five continents in museums and private collections in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada, among others.

His works are part of collections of important public and private Foundations, such as the Fundació Caixa de Sabadell or the Fundació Caixa Laietana, to name a few.