Transportable monument

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Transportable monument»

Year: 1960

Media: bronze, iron, wood and stone

Edition: unique piece

Size: 186,2 x 70,5 x 69,5 cm


This sculpture belongs to the abstract period of the artist, more specifically to the so-called «wedges and penetrations» phase. In this period, Subirachs experiments with the tension of different materials. To do this, he makes a bronze wedge penetrate the wood, stressing it to the maximum until the point of maximum penetration, beyond which the wood would break.

As usual with Subirachs, he has carefully chosen the materials used. So, in this work we find 4 different materials combined (stone, iron, bronze and wood). This is a constant in the work of Subirachs, always obsessed with the precise choice of the materials to work with.