Mar de fondo


Artist: Paco Duran

Title: «Mar de fondo»

Media: mixed media directly on the wall

Location: room 107


Shortly after Antoni Xaus painted the first artist room, the Hotel del Arte contacted the artist Paco Duran to paint room 107.

The title of the room is Mar de fondo (Groundswell). In the work we can find different maritime scenes.

On the wall at the foot of the bed, we can see a reef with abundant marine life. While on the wall at the head of the bed we can see two fishermen fishing or collecting the nets with their catches.

On this occasion, the artist has also painted the ceiling, where we can see the surface of the sea seen from below, with what appear to be two sea urchins.

Throughout the composition, the gestural and chromatic forcefulness stands out with the use of bright colours on both walls that contrasts with the softness of the colours used to paint the ceiling.