An apple 800

Artista: Ricardo Moraga

Title: «Una manzana 800»

Year: 2011

Media: oil on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 195 x 114 cm


Always relying on hyperrealism, this is a typical work by Ricardo Moraga in which he displays his iconographic universe to offer us the most lyrical version of his style,

We can find the presence of a female human figure, like in many other creations by the artist. Wrinkled clothing -usually sheets– are also part of Moraga’s iconography. In this case it is a red cloth that impregnates the entire painting with colour.

To break the monotony of the red colour, the artist places a superimposed plane where we can see the blue sky. This superimposition of planes and different scenes is part of the artist’s pictorial language and we find it in many of his works.

Finally, the artist uses another of his favorite icons, the apple. In this case it is green. Moraga has intentionally placed it over the red cloth to obtain a colour contrast so that the work has the desired chromatic balance. Thus, in the same work we find warm tones in contrast to cold tones.