Le guet-apens du cardinal

(The cardinal’s ambush)

Artista: Josep Puigmarti

Title: «Le guet-apens du cardinal»

Year: 1974

Media: mixed media on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 195 x 130 cm


This large-format painting belongs to the oeniric-erotic surrealist period that Puigmarti developed between the 1960’s and the 1980’s. Within this stage, the work belongs to The Musketeers collection, created by Puigmarti in the mid-70s.

In this collection, the oeniric part always shows us beautiful naked and headless female bodies. The rest of the work has a certain flavour of Pop-art, which includes musketeers from the Frenchified era as historical icons of popular culture.

These are works in which he mixes oeniric and automatic surrealism. The automatic part is found in certain secondary details of a decorative nature in the form of non-premeditated filigree.