Homage to Subirachs 100

Artist: Ricardo Moraga

Title: «Homage to Subirachs 100»

Year: 2014

Media: mixed media on canvas

Edition: unique piece

Size: 116 x 89 cm


This work belongs to the series Homage to the Master that Ricardo Moraga developed in 2014. The whole series was born as a result of the artist’s admiration for Josep Maria Subirachs, of whom Moraga was a disciple in the last stage of the great Barcelona artist.

Moraga offers us the most lyrical version of his style, resorting to his usual iconography, but mixed with Subirachs’ iconography.

In the work we find exuberant vegetation that seems to want to come outside. The inner forest is surrounded by the negative silhouette of a woman’s profile cut out of stone. It really looks like a drawing or a sculpture by Subirachs.

Montjuic, 1978 – Drawing by Subirachs

However, the inner forest seems covered by a fog that does not allow to see it clearly. This is another usual resource of the artist, which together with the enigmatic silhouette of the woman, adds a dose of mystery to the whole.

The green color of the vegetation contrasts with the gray tone of the stone and the bluish tones of the fog, thus achieving a chromatic and composition balance.

This work, by composition and theme, remids the room that Moraga painted in the hotel, Silence in blue (Hab. 113).