Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Hefaestus»

Year: 1971

Media: bronze

Edition: unique piece

Size: 80,3 x 136,8 x 22 cm


In his works, Subirachs often turns to mythological themes from ancient Greece. In this work he tells us about the myth of Hephaestus -whom the Romans called Vulcano-, the god of the forge and fire, as well as blacksmiths, craftsmen, sculptors, metals and metallurgy. Hephaestus jealously guarded the fire in his forge located inside a volcano. Prometheus who had created the human being, he stole the fire so that humanity could warm itself.

Once more, Subirachs resorts to his usual positive-negative play. On this occasion, in addition, we appreciate a play of symmetries in which the left part of the sculpture corresponds to the inverted right part.