The war of the worlds

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «The war of the worlds»

Year: 2008

Media: acrylic on canvas 

Edition: unique piece

Size: 200 x 200 cm 


Subirachs’ works often pay homage to great figures in history.

The war of the worlds pays a double tribute. In first place, the title of the work shows us the admiration that Subirachs felt for one of the fathers of science fiction, H. G. Wells, and in particular for one of his most famous novels written in 1898, in which he describes the arrival of a Martian invasion of Earth.

The second tribute is to one of the most important figures of the Renaissance: Bramante. To do so, he shows us one of his most decisive architectural creations: the temple of San Pietro in Montorio, in Rome.

In the work we see the moon about to collide with the dome of the temple, while in the distance we can see the planet Mars, the Roman god of war, whose red color is related to blood.

This painting was one of the last works by Subirachs, and was created entirely at the Hotel Estela Barcelona.