Artist: Lorenzo Quinn

Title: «Genome»

Media: bronze and plastic

Edition: 16 copies

Size: 36 x 36 x 22 cm


Lorenzo is a visual poet who uses sculpture to convey his ideas about concepts that are sometimes difficult to argue. He often uses hand representations to communicate these concepts.

In this work, the artist draws our attention to scientific advances and to the ethical and moral limits that science should respect. Two hands hold an egg that changes its colour according to the four colours of the proteins that make up DNA: red, green, blue and yellow.

On many occasions, Lorenzo’s works are presented with a text written by the artist himself that completes the work and explains his source of inspiration.



Responsible evolution: man has always tried to alter his surroundings and he has succeeded in doing so. Not always for the better.

They use to say that if god had intended us to fly he would have made us with wings and yet we are flying. We [Humans] have a great ability to create, adapt and invent but we must do it consciously and cautiously.

Theoretically, nuclear energy could be very helpful but in the wrong hands it could lead to disaster. The knife may be used to cut the food at the table or as a tool but also as a tool of death. It is always the bearer’s responsibility and never the object itself.

I believe in the advancement of research and science but not at all costs.