Artist: Lorenzo Quinn

Title: «Genesis»

Media: bronze and travertine marble

Edition: 9 copies

Size: 26 x 118 x 25 cm


Lorenzo is a visual poet who uses sculpture to convey his ideas about concepts that are sometimes difficult to argue. He often uses hand representations to communicate these concepts.

In this work, the artist reflects the different stages of a pregnancy. From the meeting between the father and the mother, the conception, the gestation until the final stage, the birth, or as the artist calls it, independence.

On many occasions, Lorenzo’s works are accompanied by a text written by the artist himself that completes the work and explains his source of inspiration.



We all have our own particular history which made us who we are. I always had problems  breaking away from my family heritage. Being the son of Anthony Quinn is both a privilege and a burden. It’s true that many doors have been opened to me due to this simple fact but it has always put me under my father’s shadow. And made it difficult for me to have my own  independence. All through my child hood I had to put up with many changes and all that has made me who I am…. Simply an artist.