Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Estela»

Year: 2003

Media: travertine marble

Edition: unique piece

Size: 83 x 567 x 109 cm 


The Estela sculptural set is made up of 6 large blocks of travertine marble that form the letters of the hotel name.

If we look at the blocks, we appreciate Subirachs’ taste for geometry and pure forms. Thus, we find cubes, spheres, the «A» in the shape of a quadrangular pyramid, a shape that often appears in many of the artist’s works, and both the «T» and the «L» have the shape of a staircase, which is another common shape in Subirachs. .

This type of monumental sculpture with blocks representing letters is very common in Subirachs. It is the same language that he used for the sculpture set Sitges that we find in the Parc de Can Robert, in Sitges.

Subirachs next to the Sitges sculpture – Parc de Can Robert, Sitges