The Stellar Staircase

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «The Stellar Staircase»

Year: 1992 – 1999

Media: installation

Edition: unique piece

Size: – – – – – – – – 


In his creations, Subirachs often mixes the human figure with geometric elements.

As a geometric element, in this installation we find spheres forming a cascade over a pool of water in the middle of the hotel hall. However, we do not see any human figure. Subirachs wanted The Stellar Staircase to be an interactive installation. To do so, he placed a transparent glass plate and decided that the elevator would be panoramic, so that the person who walks down the stairs or those who use the elevator become part of the installation. We could say that The Stellar Staircase is only complete when someone walks on it or takes the elevator, thus providing the missing human ingredient.

As a curiosity, the staircase was started in 1992 and was not inaugurated until 1999, coinciding with a day of solar eclipse. This information is reflected in the Certificate of Authenticity that Subirachs placed next to the panoramic elevator.

Subirachs never left anything at random.