Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Equestrian»

Year: 1977

Media: bronze

Edition: 9 copies

Size: 130 x 88 x 38 cm


The theme of the horse is recurrent in the works of Subirachs and is repeated in works from different periods.


Other works by Subirachs festuring horses

It is also common in Subirachs that many of his works pay homage to great geniuses and characters who have marked the evolution of history. In this case, this work places the horse as the focus of the homage, understanding the figure of the horse as essential in the development of humanity. Since its domestication in the Neolithic, the horse allowed men to carry out large migratory flows, allowed the development of agriculture, it was also of vital importance for the development of the first commercial transactions and it was even used for war, so that great ancient civilizations of prehistory could flourish.

In this work, Subirachs once again resorts to his usual play of positive-negative, drawing the viewer’s eye towards the concave shiny part of polished bronze that shows the musculature of the equine and contrasts with the rough texture of the rest of the sculpture.