Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Eboli»

Year: 1988

Media: tapestry

Edition: unique piece

Size: 180 x 335 cm


In his works, Subirachs often pays homage to great geniuses and characters who have marked the course of history. Subirachs dedicates this tapestry to Doña Ana de Mendoza, popularly known as the Princess of Eboli, a character who had great influence in the court of King Felipe II in the 16th century, but who ended up dying in prison by order of the king himself.

The Princess of Eboli had an eye problem and for this reason she wore a patch over her right eye. In his tapestry, Subirachs only shows us one eye of the character, while the other is covered by a kind of projection effect. This effect is a very common resource in a large number of works by the artist, and symbolizes the passage of time. In this case, the character of Ana de Mendoza broke the barrier of time, going down in history to the present day and will last beyond.