Moebius double strip

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Moebius double strip»

Year: 1993

Media: bronze

Edition: 9 copies

Size: 65 x 58 x 37 cm


Bronze sculpture with which Subirachs revisits the Möbius strip, a theme he has already dealt with on other occasions. In the same way, it is part of his iconographic universe and he has incorporated it into other sculptures such as Cryptogram (1998).

In this case, it is a double strip. Subirachs once again highlights the concept of infinity that the form contains. It is a surface without beginning or end that seems to have only one side. The artist presents the work showing a fragment of the surface where it is supported. The irregularity of the contour and the veins traced in the bronze help to create the illusion that it is nothing but a piece of the universe in constant movement.