Metaphysical character – The goddess

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Metaphysical character – The goddess»

Year: 1974

Media: mármol

Edition: unique piece

Size: 43,4 x 37,5 x 39,5 cm


Within the New Figuration period there are a good number of sculptures that take woman as a formal reference, including The goddess. Here, we find a block of marble that has been sculpted until the internal part is left empty. In the concavity there is a female face that an opening allows to contemplate. The outer surface presents some roughness that contrasts with the smooth texture of the interior. The imprisonment of the goddess in the pristine marble symbolizes the protection that the deities can provide humans if they are willing to do so.

The positive-negative game that the artist has used to create the optical effect by which it appears to be a positive, despite being a negative sculpture, is interesting. Also noteworthy is the kinetic effect that occurs when we move from one side to the other without taking our eyes off it, as the sculpture seems to follow our movement.