The creation of woman

Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «The creation of woman»

Year: 1967

Media: bronze

Edition: unique piece

Size: 57,6 x 110 x 23,8 cm 


This sculpture offers a double optical effect, on the one hand we find the usual game of positive-negative or concave-convex, and on the other hand we appreciate an up-down game of verticality and inverted verticality. In such a way that one cannot see the difference between breasts and buttocks. We could turn the sculpture upside down and we would still get the same visualisation of the work. We also observe a false three-dimensional effect caused by the game that is established between full and empty, that is, between relief and bas-relief.

«Torso», 1967

Subirachs makes frequent use of this trick or optical effect in many of his works.