Artist: Josep Maria Subirachs

Title: «Champollion»

Year: 1993

Media: travertine marble, stone from Calatorao and stone from La Senia

Edition: unique piece

Size: 72 x 80 x 35,5 cm


This is one of the capital works from the Subarachian metaphysical period. Resuming his old theme of the pyramids, he recreates it with a new forcefulness. The result is a piece of great material solidity, refined in form and content.

As a tribute to Jean-François Champollion, the father of scientific Egyptology, the artist erects this pyramid consisting of two pieces, each made of a different material. The one on the left is porous travertine with veins, qualities that contrast with those on the right, which is polished Calatorao stone with well-finished edges. The difference in colour between the two materials is also evident, since the travertine is light and the Calatorao stone is dark. Between the two blocks there is a separation that enhances the aforementioned inequalities. The base of the sculpture is made of Senia stone, whose earthy color recalls that of desert areas.

In many of his works, Subirachs pays homage to great geniuses and prominent historical figures from the cultural or scientific world.