Good morning

Artist: Josep Grau-Garriga

Title: «Good morning»

Media: mixed media directly on the wall

Location: room 212


This is one of the 2 artist suites in the hotel, the rest are conventional rooms.

Josep Grau-Garriga (San Cugat del Vallés, 1928-Angers, 2011) was a very prolific artist known for introducing textile elements in all of his works, to the point of revolutionizing the tapestry technique during the 1960’s of the 20th century.

The title of the work is Good night, and it is made up of a carpet and several torn sheets attached to the walls of the room. The artist has painted on these textile materials.

In the work we see a representation of the artist himself sleeping next to his wife in a protective position, while his two young daughters run around the room.

In the bedroom, we also find torn sheets on the walls, although what draws our attention is the tapestry on the wall of the head of the bed. This tapestry was created in the hotel using the artist’s pajamas and his wife’s nightgown.

In the corridor on the 2nd floor of the hotel that leads to suite 212, we also find another of his prized tapestries.

Barcelona nocturn – Tapestry created by Grau-Garriga

Despite the fact that Grau-Garriga was Catalan, during Franco’s dictatorship he exiled in France, where he was welcomed with open arms, going so far as to open his own art center in the neighbouring country.

Buit by Grau-Garriga

Until his death in 2011, the artist spent his summers at the Hotel del Arte. As a result of his visits, several of his works are part of the hotel’s art collection.