Artist: Luciano Angeleri

Title: «Blu»

Media: mixed media directly on the wall

Location: room 213


This room was painted by the versatile Italian artist Luciano Angeleri.

The title, Blu, refers to the popular Italian song Nel Blu dipinto di blu -popularly known as Volare– with which Domenico Modugno took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958, after winning the San Remo Festival of the same year.

Angeleri, in fact, apart from being a plastic artist, is also a singer of Italian songs and this is one of the songs he performs.

Blue tones predominate in the work, although we also find golden tones. On the wall at the foot of the bed we can see a ballerina in the form of a mannequin in the style of Giorgio de Chirico.

On the wall at the head of the bed we find lyrics of the song on a blue background. Actually, on all the walls we find fragments of the lyrics of the aforementioned song. The artist also placed mirror fragments throughout the room that provide light reflections to the whole.

In addition, as a multidisciplinary artist, Angeleri also completed the room by creating a lamp that combines several of the elements present in the work: the colour, the ballet dancer, and the lyrics.