The kiss

Artist: Lorenzo Quinn

Title: «The kiss»

media: bronze

Edition: 5 copies

Size: 156 x 115 x 90 cm


Lorenzo is a visual poet who uses sculpture to convey his ideas about concepts that are sometimes difficult to argue. He often uses hand representations to communicate these concepts.

However, on this occasion the artist has not used his hands, but rather two bodies from the waist down. One male and the other female. The position of both bodies suggests that the couple is fused into a kiss.

The upper part of both bodies is polished and presents rings like those of a tree. We might think that the love between these two people will grow year after year, like the rings of a tree.

On many occasions, Lorenzo’s works are accompanied by a text written by the artist himself that completes the work and explains his source of inspiration.



I think that one of the most wonderful attributes a human being has, is his imagination.  We can only imagine what we have partly seen, and what we have partly seen is usually the fruit of other’s imagination.  I love going to sleep at night knowing that I can dream of anything I want, for that in dreams everything is possible, everything, even that forbidden kiss.

I imagine the perfect kiss, an eternal kiss.  One that can be recounted through the years like the rings in a tree trunk.