A mar

Artist: Ramon Moscardo

Title: «A mar»

Media: mixed media on wood

Location: room 114


This is one of the two artist rooms painted by Ramon Moscardo.

The title of the room is A mar, that can be translated as «To the sea» or as if the work was dedicated to a woman called Mar (Mar in Spanish is the sea or a feminine name)

Blue tones predominate in the work. At the foot of the bed we find the daytime part of this painting, where we see a girl who looks out on the balcony, while her breakfast awaits her on the table. On the wall at the head of the bed we see the night part with a view of the Aiguadolç beach, in front of the hotel.

The artist knew how to perfectly integrate painting with the room, by even painting the ceiling and designing the table with a collection of personal objects resulting from Moscardo’s multiple trips around the world.

As a curiosity, for the night part, the artist used certain brushstrokes with fluorescent paint on the moon and in the reflections of light on the sea, so that when the lights are turned off, these parts continue to be lit.